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Last week I chatted to Ross Greenwood about file sharing systems like Dropbox and Google Drive and Google’s email service Gmail. We talked about privacy concerns and the hidden features of these services that you may not be aware of.   Check out the... read more
This week on Life and Tech we talked to innovators in two of the most exiting emerging techniology fields, UAV's (Drones) and Bitcoins. We also checked in with Trend Micro to tell us all about the Heartbleed bug.    Bitcoin ATM's are about to be installed... read more
  This week on Life & Tech we chatted about some exciting recent developments in Cinema sound technology with Dolby, but is it enough to get bums back on seats? Stuart Hall from Dolby Atmos thinks it is. To watch movies enhanced with Dolby Atmos... read more
This week its all about smartphones, all the biggest names in the business have now released their flagship handsets for the year so we chatted to HTC, Sony and Samsung to see what makes their offering the best choice for you.  HTC, once the perennial... read more
This morning on the Today Show I took Karl through some of the best TV's currently in the market, all of them are 55" - 58" and go from your budget $1000 option up to $8000 for an OLED.    Here's the List:    TCL 55" Full HD LED LCD Smart TV - $1,099  ... read more

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Life & Technology - 2GB 1st of March, 2014

It’s a big week this week in the tech world with Mobile world congress kicking off in Barcelona, showcasing all the biggest and best things in the smartphone industry. In this week’s special coverage we will chat about some of the most exiting highlights to come out of Barcelona. Plus we’ll be continuing our series on innovation, by looking into how you can fund your own great ideas over the internet.

First, here’s what I thought were the top 5 announcements at Mobile World Congress.


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